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Industries we serve

We offer quality and cost effective chemical solutions for many types of manufacturing and services industries, meeting their needs on demand and in most effective fashion.


Textile industry uses lots of chemicals during manufacturing of yarn and cotton or synthetic fabrics, and dying operations. We supply right from surfactants, wetting agents, sequestering agents, dispersing agents, emulsifiers and all other basic chemicals including acids, and colorants. We supply chemicals for their water and waste water treatment needs.


We supply chemicals to all types of institutions – such as schools, colleges, universities, research centres - to meet their needs of laboratory chemicals and that of reverse osmosis plants, water recycling, effluent treatment, and boilers.

Food and Beverages

We promote food safety and regulatory compliance by supplying quality chemicals that are required by the food and beverages industry to treat ingredient water, process water, wastewater, and so on. We supply chemicals for this sector’s drinking water treatments, boiler water treatments, and cooling water treatments.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry and those are in nutraceuticals, botanicals, enzymes, and personal care products, need to meet most stringent water standards. We supply chemicals for these sectors to treat utility water, ultrapure water, reactor cleaning, and process fluids treatment.


Some of the key water-related challenges of refineries include reduction of corrosion, fouling and reuse of water. They also have to address environmental challenges and regulations. We supply to refineries advanced emulsion breakers, antifoulants, scavengers and other chemicals used for wastewater reuse, removal of heavy metal from wastewater and pure water makeup.

Municipal Corporations

We partner with municipalities to help them overcome water scarcity and waste water/sewage treatment, and water reuse challenges. We supply chemicals for their water filtration to treat local source water, and to desalinate brackish water. Our solutions help them deliver clean, potable water and discharge safe, treated water.